“Finding Tina” by C.L. Bolin——–released soon as eBook

FINDING TINA” by C.L. Bolin  will be released soon as eBook on Amazon.com for sale- exclusively written, illustrated, and edited by the author.  IT IS A VERY DARK EROTICA.   All reviews and critiques are welcome AND encouraged.    Currently the book is in its final stages of editing and polish.  The eBook intends to hit the Kindle shelves by December 1, 2012.

Please feel free to blog and share.  Whether you love it or hate it.

A dark, erotic journey of addiction and abuse


Finding Tina” runs much deeper than the usual erotica.  It began as a Recovery Writing 101 therapy tool for the author.  Every character in the book is battling some type of addiction or abusive behaviors.

It is a nightmare journey of darkness, rage, erotic thoughts, fantasy, and worst fears- written by a survivor of abuse.  Some may find many parts disturbing and raw, or too intense.

Well, it’s not the usual story.


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