at 3:09 am, Tina’s life changes forever.

Tina Heartly’s life has always been under someone else’s thumb.   A passionate woman, Tina is naturally submissive with soft boundaries.   She longs for love and acceptance while her existence fades to grey shadows of being controlled at home.

But women like her are easy marks.  All it takes is the right ruler.

At the fateful time of 3:09am, Tina is abducted by a deeply disturbed stalker whose goal is to break and reshape her into his darkest fantasy, and ultimately traps her in an alternate life of taboo sex, dominance, crooked law enforcement, and more.

Out of that night arose the Phoenix, a facet of Tina’s personality that emerges when the thinker stops and the grey veil drops.   Phoenix’s job is to make sure they both survive at any cost.

Although Tina cannot bear being touched, the Phoenix inside of her harbors intense sexual desires.   Two mystery birthday gifts- a book of lucid dreaming and a deceptively simple glass necklace- unlock the potential to reclaim her sexuality, let go of her inhibitions, face her demons and offer her a chance to love again, safely and without fear.

In her erotic dreams, anything Phoenix wants, she gets.

And anything goes…

Until the stalker returns, hell-bent on quenching the Firebird’s spirit and snuffing her life.


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