About the Author

C.L. Bolin, author  and illustrator

C.L. Bolin, author and illustrator

Twenty-two years ago, my passion for writing was sparked by a friend whose heart had been cruelly torn to shreds. Furious with how she’d been treated so callously, I pounded out my first short story, “The Trouble with Women” in about two hours. Although I never published it for my own reasons, I surprised myself that day. I’d written my first erotic horror short at the tender age of 20 and I absolutely fell in love with the empowerment of turning a real-life trauma into a fictional victory.
From that day forward, I wrote many stories that I kept to myself, mostly children’s novels. My dream was to publish and illustrate my own book one day, start to finish, but writing kids books just wasn’t quite filling the void I felt- for at heart, I’ve always been a fan of thrillers and horror, and I also have an extraordinarily vivid imagination when it comes to under the covers.
My books are a little deeper than just steamy encounters, for I cannot resist the lure of a dark romantic story with a delicious twist to it. Blame it on all those times I read “Night Shift” by Stephen King, my secret literary love affair with Dean R. Koontz, my admiration for Anne Rice’s dark streak.
“Finding Tina” is a special series I began writing to recover from abuse I’d endured long-term.  There is something deeply, wonderfully healing about twisting a hopeless situation around just by writing fiction.

My biography includes a long work history of graphic design, sign-making, tattoo flash design, murals and art commissions, and three art-based businesses since 2003.


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