“Finding Tina 1” reviews

My first hard review came on December 3 from a book critic I trusted locally.  Wonderful, honest review that posted on the Amazon.com page.

The second review came from a customer that honestly didn’t like it.  Everyone is entitled to opinions and feedback, even negative, and the book immediately evoked a strong response from her.  Bravo!   What I found interesting was that it sounded as though she didn’t read the cover,  stated she didn’t read the book, yet she gave me all stars.  I’m still scratching my head over that one.


Before my caffeine had soaked into my bones long enough to have a clear head, I marched in to the Kindle dashboard and amended the cover, which threw the book back into review status til tonight (hopefully those reviews won’t disappear).  But I thought, hey, perhaps its necessary to take one more step for those who think its a frilly 5mph down Sexy Lane with a few scary speedbumps.

It’s more than that.

It exposes the issues of  predators, PTSD, trauma, crazy making, recovery, and many types of addiction- alcohol, sex, euphoria.  Its about a woman trying to survive in a frightening world where she has no control, and her quest for love, strength and acceptance while she struggles to become free of her burdens.

It was a hard book to write, and it’s a hard read- for many of us.

I would love for everyone in the world to have access to and read this book, for many reasons beyond just the numbers.  I can’t even begin to imagine how many of us out there have at some point in our lives had our own personal power stripped from us by another.  How many of us have been used in some way, or abused. 

The book walks both sides.   Even though the book is fiction, crawling inside the thoughts of a predator and trying to relate to the why’s was extremely uncomfortable for me.

Yes, the review was correct.  The book is disturbing, and rightfully so.  It’s meant to be, and sometimes leave you with an unsettled feeling (as it did with the second reviewer).  I can’t imagine a happy work of fiction about predators and abductions.   Not all eroticas are written just about meaningless sex and getting spanked in a corner by some man with rippling muscles.   Some, are written for more than just that.


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