Last day to read “Finding Tina 1” for free!

Thank you to all the readers out there who downloaded their free copy of my book, I appreciate every single one of you for taking the time to read.  The feedback has been wonderful and descriptive.  I’ve heard from more than one reviewer that said they couldn’t put the book down from the first page, they read it in one sitting- that even though it was painful to be in Tina’s shoes during her hardest moments, they stayed with her through the book -walked with her, experiencing her pain, her sorrows, her minutes of joy, her sexual gratifications, all of it.

One reader said it was too intense.  That, to me, is tremendous as a writer’s biggest hope is to trigger emotional responses from their readers.  It’s more than just an erotica thriller.  There are highs of euphoria, dark lows, and there are scary moments blurred with fantasy.

Writing the series sometimes felt like getting on a new rollercoaster (while blindfolded) that kept changing tracks every day.  I never knew which way the story would dip or soar until after I stopped writing for the day.

To all of you who took the walk in Tina’s shoes, thank you so much.  The next book is gearing to be released hopefully in a matter of weeks.  I’ll keep you all informed.

Today is the last day to download it for free.
Here’s the link for “Finding Tina 1”.


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