A big thank you

To all of you who snagged your free copy of “Finding Tina 1”, thank you thank you for taking the journey.  I have to admit, my biggest obstacle to publishing was not if it would be popular, or if it would sell well- but writing reminds me of a peephole shining through a wall in a darkened room.   Writing’s not just a neurological response to stimuli from the brain to the hand.   It’s a snapshot of another person’s imagination.  Or, a peephole.

We get a dazzling glimpse of the writers thought and desires and fears by daring ourselves to look through the peephole.  It may not be the scene we want sometimes- it may be dark, too intense, too erotic, too far out-  but still, we read (er, look) because life is all about the experiences on the journey.

And for me?  I felt completely naked publishing my work, as if I were an exhibitionist spreadin’ my wares for sale, as if I slowly undressed in front of millions of masses.  It was terrifying, embarrassing, beautiful, and empowering.  A euphoric rush at its most natural finest.  I think I’m hooked, folks.

There’s no glass ceiling to what we can achieve, and if one does try to cap my freedom with its teasing glossiness of YOUCANT, I’m gonna swing at it with my girlish fists until I break through.   There’s so much left for me to write, so many stories stuck in my head.

I want to be one of those women who can sit in my well-worn rocking chair with my grandkids in my arthritic lap and kindly reminisce about the days I was an erotica novelist.  Not to shock them.  But to let them know I wasn’t afraid to live the way I wanted.

For now, we keep on writing and working our day jobs. 🙂


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