Illustration help for writers

The coast has been ravaged by dreary grey, hail and uncertainty of whether we will get a white Christmas…

Well, we certainly know it will be a moist Christmas.  On the coast, it’s always moist.  Santa always shows up in his squishy clamming boots dragging his crab trap.  I’m pretty sure he’ll put sand in my stocking.  Hopefully I’ll get a male crab, cooked and served with butter.

As I dealt without internet intermittently for the last two days, I had time to sink into my thoughts and write a lot.  There are so many writers out there blogging away endlessly, writing, writing, like I am… and then they hit the wall of the cover art.  I got lucky.  I’m already a graphic designer and illustrator, which made it really easy for me to get out there and self-publish start to finish.

On the Kindle boards, there are always writers looking for illustrators.  In my writing forum groups, they always have writing contests but as far as I can tell, the winner gets some recognition time within the forum.  It’s great feedback and a wonderful esteem boost- but wouldn’t it be dazzling to have the winner get a free illustration cover?  I thought about that the last couple days…

I work for the State once a week, caring for a lovely disabled person, who needs help writing her memoirs.  Every week we talk about if she’s written at all.  I encourage her to write, but I can’t really do it for her.  She has no idea what I do in my spare time.  I long to talk to her about such things but we are supposed to keep our lives separate in a client-patient way, it’s against the rules to go beyond the check list of what we can do for these people.

Sometimes, screw the rules, people need help finding their voice.  I know I needed help with mine.  I’m going to give a free cover illustration for someone that really needs it.

I’d like to propose, for the new Year coming, a short little writing spree.   A gathering, here.   Whatever you’re working on, send a snippet chapter of your book, and post it here.   We’ll run the contest from now til January 31, 2013.   Everyone votes.  We’ll pick someone that really needs a good cover.

I do want to make sure that it’s fair.

Thoughts or suggestions?  Let’s hear them all.



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