very good advice to read about if you are looking to publish yourself- as I did KDP Select for my first eBook and was constrained by the Amazon cons of the Program. Happy to reblog this!

You’ve published your novel! Congrats! You have it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, now what’s next? Both of these retailers are great and will give you a generous reach to all over the world, but they don’t get everyone or to every device. After a few months of selling on both, but mostly Amazon, I saw an advertisement on Goodreads for Google Play. Now, if you have been following my blog for sometime you probably already know how amazingly arduous getting on Google Play was. I was astounded that such a large company would be so poorly set up to accept novels from publishers and authors. The whole system is archaic. Where it took me all of five minutes to get on Amazon and B&N it took me nearly TWO months to get on Google Play and countless emails. There was a bit of embarrassment involved in that one…

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    • of course!! Love to share, and nice to read candid views about the Kindle Too-Select program (Amazon is good if you are self-publish, don’t get me wrong! I will keep using them to publish). It was a great lesson for my first publish though- and I totally agree with your post. I think I may have been better off without the 90-day gag.

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