Finding Tina 2 “The Heavens Rained” chapter

Today is a good day to step back into my recovery writing.  Yesterday I posted about fantasies, and as I wrote the post, I thought much about myself and my own patterns.  I have relied on fantasy to get me through the hardest moments of my life.  Some days it is my blessing and my support crutch, and other days it gets in the way.
finding tina 2 sample cover
The graphics for Finding Tina 2 are unfinished (as you can see) but in process, as am I, and I don’t mind using the sample for now.
During the time I wrote this chapter (about 2 months into recovery writing) I dreamed often about my Sandman, who is real- but so far out of reach.
During my last year of abuse, I would dream of him rescuing me.
It never happened.. a police officer ended up standing alongside me in court on my birthday as I fought for protection and my rights.  That was nearly three years ago.
But in my dreams, I felt safe, warm and loved- and he was always there, and still is.  I guess I could say fantasies and dreams kept me alive during my darkest hours.

This dream chapter is dedicated to my Sandman.  All comments welcome and appreciated.  “Like” if you do.

For privacy purposes, this post has been moved to the manuscript site.  Thanks for looking!



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