Should You Break Your Silence?

This is the most perfect day to clear my voice and speak.
And this is the perfect post to reblog, compliments of a well-seasoned survivor, to speak through.
Perhaps one abuse survivor has a small, quiet voice, but together we shake the world with our noise.
If you are being abused or threatened or violated in any way, shape or form, find your voice and know however quiet you may seem, we speak with you.

God bless,
C.L. Bolin

Love, Life, and Relationships: Overcoming Emotional and Child Sexual Abuse

When I talk to people who contact me about breaking their silence, and telling their story I am always cautious to include that some people may not believe them. I also mention that it is quite possible that some people will actually fabricate their story to others whom they know, and do not know for their own gain. They will take something that rocked you to the core and use it as a pawn in an effort to discredit you.

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I usually take the time to warn people citing that it is possible for you to be challenged for coming forward, but the truth is, I never have had a personal experience where someone would try to do this to me, at least not that I’m aware of that is, until today. Unfortunately, that changed last night. I…

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