briefly, on the subject of domestic abuse


This is, unfortunately, another one of those posts that needs this particular disclaimer: I am using these specific gendered nouns and pronouns in this post because I am responding to a specific situation that society seems to have in mind a lot these days, which is a situation that follows a certain stereotype. I am very much aware that intimate partner violence is by no means limited to this sort of scenario in any aspect. Now, that being said…


Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot of sob stories from people about, “waaaah! I tried to step in when a stranger was abusing his wife/girlfriend, and she turned on me!See how awful/ungrateful/stupid/crazy women are?! I was helping her! NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED BAWWWWWW.”

Well, here’s the nub and gist of my response, and it’s actually much the same as my response to many other things that I’ve previously…

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