Two years of Recovery Writing today


Well, shucks!  Break out the Scooby snacks.  WordPress sent me a Congratulations on Two Years just now.

I laughed a little when I got the message.   I’ve not posted much lately, but have a ton of half-written drafts awaiting publish.

My voice inside has been unusually calm and not because I haven’t had anything useful to say.  Most of my energy lately has been consumed by precocious third-graders.  I’ve really enjoyed volunteering in a reading group, watching them grow in phases.   Helping children learn seemed to foster a sense of recovery my own methods of recovery fell short of.   Recovery writing can turn (me) into a hermit crab.  It was hard to get out of my PTSD shell, but I did it, and it felt great.

And now it’s over (until next year), but I truly enjoyed this year’s teacher, who was such an inspirational woman and glued me back together on my birthday with such care.  I haven’t posted about that, yet.

For anyone who noticed.. yes, my archives only go back to October of 2012, here.  I’ve been a WordPress member since June of 2012 and ran an anonymous blog about the daily life of me.  It was blunt, and raw,  a documentation journal, and probably the second most terrifying and liberating experience I’ve ever had.


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