The Quiet Adventure

destiny wayEmbarking on a new adventure in life comes with its own risks, pitfalls and exhilaration.  Sometimes the adventure is front-page news..  other times, done quietly.

My writing is my life and I truly believe to my core that without it, I’d still be grasping to make sense of myself.  This blog has run for two years now, quietly and happily.  I grew tremendously with every post I published.  It enabled me to have the first healthy love relationship.  I’m happy, sexually and emotionally.  The PTSD is always there, waiting, but at least it is not killing the moments.

Lately I’ve been silent and introspective.  I’ve been standing at the crossroad, wondering which way to go.  Between the health issues and matters I will discuss in my own good time, there were times I nearly shut the book on myself.

Some people write only one genre.  I love all of it, especially writing erotica.  It is a part of my recovery from domestic violence and rape.  It’s my quiet adventure.   But not everyone’s into it and I must respect that.

So the crossroads… Do I quit or press on… fight or flight..  and the biggest question of all,

How much do I want the quiet adventure?

The answer is, very much.  I want it.  I may not be the best writer, but I have the guts to do it, and I can.

Right now I’m working on my quiet adventure in a private blog by invitation only.  It’s a manuscript blog.  All of my followers can  join if they choose.   For those of you that just visit but don’t follow, post a comment requesting an invitation.