A Fairy Tale Year

One year ago today, Magic Man entered my little world – causing me to question my life and fear of taking risks to live.  Not just exist.. but really, truly live, and risk love in my heart.  For an abuse survivor, it’s a difficult choice sometimes between living life and safety.

I cannot say this past year has been easy.  Living a perfect fairytale life is fictitious, to say the least.  Real fairy tales have death, true love and dark magic.  We are living a Grimm’s Fairy Tale life, the deluxe edition.  It’s pushed my health and PTSD to nearly unbearable moments, for the world outside is such a scary place and the monsters lurk in the shadows.

Every day, we battle the monsters, the sadness and tragedies.   At night, we curl around each other until the sweetness of sleep slips through our veins.  We are battle-weary warriors in love.  He is my armor, I am his strength, and together, our voices the sword of truth.

Our fairy tale story might not close in the usual fictitious way.. for no one truly lives happily ever after.  It might read instead, “And they truly lived from this day forward.”