Hard facts

This time of our life, the hot topic is what is real, what is not.  I mean, who needs soap operas right now?

Two key phrases ring loudly in what’s going on today.  Fake news, and alternative facts, which often times are heard together and contradict each other.  When a person says its fake news, well obviously we get the gist.  However, if the phrase “alternative fact” is tossed in, now there is a question if it is a different version of the truth- or, to play devil’s advocate, a deliberately sugarcoated version of fake news.  It’s juicy, it’s provocative, it’s unproven. And you will never know the truth until the evidence is indisputable and accessible.  A hard fact is the Holy Grail everyone is seeking.

It sank in deeply one evening that even though current politics and domestic violence are on opposite ends of the Richter scale, the characteristics are so similar.  Bullying, name-calling, blaming, threats, covert behavior, power, greed, gaslighting, casualties and supporters, and suppression of facts.

When you find your voice to speak out about what happened to you, arm yourself with as many truths as possible.  Brace yourself for a smear campaign.  Expect flying monkey supporters.  Use an audio recorder or keep a daily journal.  Document everything- about how you feel, what you remember, your fears, every single thing that happens.  Because everything matters and I cannot stress it enough.  You are your best advocate.